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Ammi Hsu Basic Make Up Lesson 1

New Subject
Ammi Hsu Basic Make Up Lesson 1

這集教你如何畫柔和的眉毛,不會上色過度像紋眉一樣, 東方人眼影三色左右漸層畫法,眼線畫法及黏戴假睫毛


This vedio will show you how to do eye shadow on asian's eyes with 3 different level but same category color, and how to do a soft look eyebrow, and how to apply eyeliner and fake lashes.


  • Keywords : 這集教, 紋眉一樣, 眉毛, 如何畫柔, 上色過度, vedio, shadow, level, lashes, eyeliner, eyebrow, different, color, category, asian, apply
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