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【知識大觀園】Live With Pressure 與壓力共存

New Subject
【知識大觀園】Live With Pressure 與壓力共存

Live With Pressure

Kyral Hsiung

        Media reported string of employee suicide happened in Foxconn Shenzhen factory in bold headlines. Twelve falls in Foxconn this year banged shocks on the international society. Pressure management was back to every employer's priority list. As a student, pressure comes to us in nowhere as well. It is important that we know how to deal with this invisible predator, who consumes our delight, happiness and positive thoughts.

        First of all, we should bear in mind that it is impossible to destroy pressure but to live with it. However, if we found ourselves being pushed too hard by pressure,  here are several ways to release it. Above the list, keep healthy lifestyle. Good sleep and rest will send relief to both body and mind. Besides, exercise can do goods on
dismissing overloaded stress. Strenuous exercise such as running and boxing let us throw bad things away from our mind, while soft exercise like yoga and Taiji  make us clean our mind for optimistic thoughts.

        Thinking positively is also very important on managing pressure. Continuous pessimism led us to dead ends. When we feel depressed, just turn another side of the coin! For example, always think of something we have instead of things we missed. Anyway, after storm, sun always appears with smiles. In addition, change of focus enables us to have second thoughts on things blocked up our paths. Leaving text books and turning on TV or taking a nap for thirty minutes help us restructuring.

        As long as we stand on the earth, we are surrounded by pressure. We need to live with pressure in peace rather than fight against it. Having a healthy life style with appropriate exercise, thinking positively and changing focus sometimes allow us to avoid the last straw. Furthermore, proper pressure can be the motivation to  greatimprovement.






Kyral Hsiung│ 畢業於廣州暨南大學商務英語系,連續四年獲得多項中國國家級、校級獎學金。曾任美國廣告公司專題撰文作者,現任職於內湖科學園區。


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