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Sinemas絕命終結站4(Final Destination 4)消息langneedlove5,424108-11-20
Sinemas死亡預告--12月5日上映langneedlove5,232 08-11-20
Sinemas一代武術宗師-葉問 2月在台上映francis5,568 08-12-24
Sinemas《博物館驚魂夜2 :逃離史密斯》首批劇照(附介紹)francis7,929 08-12-24
SinemasMovie mistakes:Pirates of the Caribbeanneil4,524 11-10-06
SinemasMovie mistakes:Harry Potterneil4,461 11-10-06
SinemasMovie mistakes:Spider-Manneil4,478 11-10-06
SinemasMovie mistakes:The Lord of the Ringsneil4,330 11-10-06
Sinemas新電影開拍徵求演員u0000000032122,687 14-04-21

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