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cut out 戒掉坏习惯

cut sb down to size 揭穿某人的底细

cut sb off 把电话挂断.

cut sth out 阻止;停止;故障;占上风

cut throat 害人的

cut-and-dried 事先准备好的;枯燥无味的

dark horse 黑马;冷门

darn it 真讨厌

dating yourself before your time 老气横秋

day in and day out 夜以继日

day off 放假日

day-dream 白日梦

daylight robbery 价钱贵到 谱

days are numbered 生存时日屈指可数

dead beat(tired) 烂醉如泥

dead dog 没用的人

dead easy 易如反掌

dead serious 认真得不得了

dead sure(certain) 极之肯定

dead to the world 睡得很香

dear Jone letter 绝交信

deep southern drawl 拉长语调的南方口音

definte word 确定的消息

deliver the goods 完成工作

Did you fall heir to a gold mine? 你是否遇见了金矿的小老板?

die with one's boots on 死在工作岗位上

die-hard 冥顽不灵

dilly-dally 吊儿浪当

dine out 出外吃饭

dirty dog 卑鄙小人

discuss sth over a coke 边喝可乐边谈某事

dish water 毫无味道

distance makes the heart grow fonder 时间会使感情加深

do a little sightseeing 逛逛

do all the talking 会议上只有一个人讲话

do my own laundry 自己(用洗衣机)洗衣服

do one good 对某人有好处

do over 重做;粉刷

do sth about it 想想办法

Do you get me? 明白吗?

doesn't count 不算

doesn't make sense 不合逻辑

dog's life 悲惨的生活

Don't be silly! 别傻啦!

Don't be such a baby! 不要那样孩子气

Don't mention it. 别客气,不算什麽.

Don't tease me. 别开玩笑了.

Don't think I'll have much use for that. 这对我没有多大用处.

Don't you feel guilty? 你不觉得罪过吗?

Don't you know that yet? 你还不知道吗?

done time 老资格(贬义)

double crosser 出卖朋友的人

down in the dumps 愁眉苦脸

down in the mouth 愁眉苦脸

down on one's luck 倒楣

down payment 分期付款的定金

Down the hatch! 乾杯!

drag sb through the mud 拖人下水

draw on 依照;依

draw up 草拟;准备

drooling around her all the time 一直对她垂涎三尺

drop by 顺道拜访

drop dead 去你的

drop in on sb 拜访某人

drop it 停止吧

drop it off 把它放到...

drop me a line 写信给我

drop out 退学

drop sb a line 给某人写信

drop sb off 让某人下车

drop the ball 犯错误

duck soup 易如反掌之事

dull book 沈闷的书

dumb bell 笨蛋

dumb Dora 傻女

Dump her! 甩掉她!

dwell on 考虑;不断地说

early bird 集会早到的人

easier said than done 说来容易做时难

easy come easy go 来得容易去得快(特指钱)

Easy does it -- when you can. 慢慢来,尽力而为.

eat one's hat  打赌,非常确定

eat one's head off 食量 人

eat one's heart out 伤心异常,因此消瘦

eat one's words 承认错误

eat out 出外吃饭

egg money 私房钱

egghead 书呆子

either make or break 不成功,便成人

eleventh hour 最後关头

end up 结束

enough of it 够了,停止吧

enough to wake the dead 震耳欲聋

Every cloud has a silver lining. 黑云过後,阳光灿烂

every dog has his day 瓦片也有翻身时

every now and then 不时地;有时

every once in a while 偶尔

every so often 偶然

every Tom, Dick and Harry 张三李四

everyone is for himself 自己顾自己

everything goes to the dogs 一切都完了

face the music 接收惩罚;面对困难

faculty and staff 教职员

faculty members 教职员

fair and square 忠诚与坦白

fair-weather friend 酒肉朋友

fall behind 落後;失利

fall for look 女人爱漂亮

fall out with 争吵

fall through 失败;毁灭

family man 有家室之人

far from, be 远不是

fast one 一搭就上的(男人或女人)

Fat chance! 不太可能的事!

fat hangovers 好厉害的醉後头疼

fat-head 人头猪脑

favorite son 被自己一州拥护的候选人

fed sb a big line 对某人说了个大谎.

fed up (with) 对某事厌倦

fed up with, be 感到厌倦

feel free 随便...

feel like 很想要

feel up to 能 任

feeling in the pink 觉得愉快

feminine type 女人气质的

few and far between 难能可贵

fifty-fifty 五五支付

fight it out 理力争;武力解决

figure out 考虑出;想出

fill in for 代替

fill out 填表

find a sugar daddy 找到一个有钱的老头子

find a way out 找出一条出路

fire sale 减价出售

first in line 队伍中排第一名

fish in troubled waters 混水摸鱼;趁火打劫

fish story 荒唐无比的故事

fix up 修理

flat tire 没精打采

flicker out 过去了

fly by 飞逝

fly off the handle 平时有教养的人突然失去常态

fold up 破产

following sb's footsteps 艾法;继承

fool around with 与不三不四的人鬼混

fooling around 闲逛

for all I know 我所知

for good 永远地

for good and all 永远

for nothing 免费

for one thing (插入语)但是

for sale 出售

for the love of Mike 梦想不到

for the time being 暂时;目前

forget it 没关系

Forget it. 算了.

four-letter words 骂人语;四字真言

frame up 栽赃陷害

free hand 全权处理

frightened to death 吓死了

from A to Z 从头到尾

from scratch 从头开始

from the look of sb 从某人的外表看来

full charge of 全权负责

full of bull 胡言乱语

full to the brim (吃得)满到喉头

fuss over 焦虑

gain weight 长胖了

get a big kick 玩得很开心

get a check cashed 支票兑现

get a move on! 快点!

get a nerve 胆子大

get across 说明;达成;克服

get all in a panic  恐

get all up tight 紧张到极点

get along with 相处融洽

get around 有办法应付局面

get away with 成功;逃避惩罚

get behind 支援

get cold feet 沮丧;临阵退缩

get cracking 快点!

get down to 开始处理

get down to business 办正经事

get even 报复

get going 开始;动手; 快

get hooked on sth 被某事迷住了

get in touch with 和...联络

get it over with  快把事情做妥当

get lost 迷失

get mad at 对某人生气

get me down 令我生气

get nothing on me 尚未找到证

get nowhere 一事无成

get off on the wrong foot 开始就乱了步骤

get off the ground 进行顺利;刚开始

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