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tie the knot 结婚

till the cows come home 很久

Times have changed. 时代不同了.

to a T 恰好地

to and fro 到处

to doctor it up with 用...作料拌起来

to one's face 当面

to the best of my knowledge 我所知

Today just isn't my day. 今天运气不佳.

Tom, Dick and Harry 一般的人;普通的人

too much for sb 使某人承受不了

trade in 以旧换新

treat sb 请客,招待某人

turn a blind eye 故意视而不见

turn a girl's head 把她说得太好;使她以为了不起

turn against sb 与某人做对

turn down 放低(音量);否决(提案)

turn in 交还;交出;就寝

turn one's back on sb 拒绝帮助别人

turn one's back to sb 不理睬某人

turn sb loose 放松;放任

turn tail 逃跑

turn the tables 扭转局势

turn turtle (乌龟、汽车)四脚朝天

twist another around one's little finger 玩弄於股掌之上

Two heads are better than one. 一人计短,二人计长

under the sun 世界上任何地方

under the table 台底交易

under the weather 身体不 

under warranty, be 在保修期内

under way (under weight) 事情在进展之中

up and about 身体复员,可下地走动

up to 轮到某人

up to one's ears, be 沈迷;热中

up to one's neck, be 太忙於做某事

up to sth, be 对某事称职

use one's name as a reference 让某人推荐

very light in weight 很轻

very much appreciated, be 很感激

visit John 上厕所

wage a war on sth 对某事发动一场战争

walk sb home 陪某人回家

walkie-talkie 手提对讲机;搬弄是非的人

walking dictionary 知识渊博的人

Walls have ears. 隔墙有耳

wash one's dirty linen in public 公开谈论阴私.

wash out 精疲力竭,脸色苍白

watch one's step. 谨慎从事

watch the budget 小心预算

watch with hard eye 用注视的目光看人

Watch your step. 小心走路.

We just make it. 我们刚好 上.

We rap well together. 我们很合得来.

We'll in for the night by then. 到晚上那时,我们一定已经回去了.

We'll see later. 以後再说.

We're not pressed for time. 我们并不 时间.

wear sth inside out 把衣服穿反了

wee hours 晨

welcome to the party! 现在你总算懂了!

well in advancce 老早

Well, I never! 真想不到

What a mess! 好乱啊!

What a pleasant surprise! 真想不到的好事

What a thing to say! 这是什麽话!

What are we waiting for? 我们还在等什麽?

What are you getting at? 你的意思如何?

What are you going to sell? 你这是什麽意思?

What are you smoking? 你这是什麽意思?

What are you up to do? 你的意思如何?

What can you do about it? 你有何办法?看你怎样?

What do you figure? 你的意思如何?

What do you give? 你有何高见?

What do you say? 你的意思如何?

What held you up? 你为什麽迟到?

What to call it? 这叫什麽?

What were you up to? 你干什麽去了?

What's come over you? 你怎麽啦?

What's cooking? 发生了什麽事?

What's going on? 发生了什麽事?

What's it to you? 这和你有什麽关系?

What's on the schedule? 有什麽计划?

What's on your mind? 有什麽事吗?

What's the big idea? 你这是什麽意思?

What's the catch? 你这是什麽意思?

What's the good word? 你有什麽好消息?

what's the matter 到底怎麽样

What's under your cat? 你这是什麽意思?

What's up? 发生了什麽事?

what's up? 什麽事?

What's your pleasure, Treasure? 你喜好什麽吃的,富翁(婆)?

What's your pleasure? 你喜欢什麽?

whatever made you... 你为什麽...?

whatever you say. 随你的便.

when in Rome do as the Romans do 入乡随俗

when the doors open 一开场就进入;太准时

When there is life, there is hope. 活著,就有希望.

When's the big day? 哪天办喜事?

Where are you heading? 你上哪去?

white lie 善意的谎言

Who are all the characters? 那些人是谁?

who said so 谁说的?

Who's calling, please? 请问您是哪位?

Who's the lucky guy? 谁是新郎?

Why not tell it to the Horse Marines? 你以为有人会相信你这一套吗?

wind up 结束,结果

window shoping 只看不买地逛商场

wise up 知道

with a long face 拉长脸

with flying colors 成功地

with open arms 热烈欢迎

within an ace of 几乎;差一点

without fail 一定

woman of the world 精通事故的女人

won't be long 不会太久的

Wonders never cease! 奇怪的事永远不断发生!

words fail me 说不出话来

work a tight schedule 时间很紧迫

work away 连续工作

work like a Trojan 工作勤奋

work out 计划;想出

Would there be room enough for me? 有没有空位让我坐?

Would you like to order now? 现在要点菜了吗?

Wouldn't she be nice to come home to? 和她生活在一起,不是很好吗?

wouldn't work for me 不 合我

yes-man 唯唯诺诺的人

You are a dead duck. 你完了.

You are a thoughtful person. 你真周到

You are all wet. 你完全错了.

You are just being polite. 你真会说话.

You are killing me. 真是笑死我了.

You are your father's son. 你长得很像你父亲.

You ask for it. 你自找苦吃.

you bet 的确

You bet! 当然啦

You can say it again. 我同意你的说法.

You can set your watch by him. 他总是很准时.

You can't beat it. 无人匹敌的

You can't keep a good man down. 好人自有出头之日.

You don't know half of it. 你知道什麽!

You don't say so. 是真的吗?

You get me there. 你把我难住了.

You get no say. 你无权说话.

You got me there. 你难住我了,这个我不清楚

You got the picture. 你了解了.

You have a point there. 你的见解很对.

you have outstanding 款还没付清

You know something? 让我告诉你一件事.

You leave me in the cold. 你太令我扫兴了.

You let me down. 你太让我失望了.

You look upset. 你好像情绪不好.

You look wonderful. 你气色很好.

You mean to say... 你的意思是说...

You said a mouthful. 你说得够多的了.

You said it. 我同意你的说法.

You see what I mean? 你明白我的意思了吗?

You should be smart enough. 你应该聪明一点.

You stay out of this. 不要插手这件事.

You're all mixed up. 你全搞混了.

You're confusing your days. 你把日子弄混了.

You're putting me on. 你在和我开玩笑.

You're ribbing me. 你开我玩笑.

You're thoughtful. 你想得真周到.

You're way ahead of me. 你讲得那麽快,我还没听清呢.

Your timing is just right. 你来得正好

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