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Before you could say Jack Robinson 很快

before you know it 很快

behave yourself 请检点一点

behind bars 坐牢

behind one's back 背後

behind the scenes(curtain) 在幕後

behind the times 不合时宜

behind time 误期

believe it or not 信不信由你

benefit from 从中得到

best-seller 畅销书、唱片等

bet it is 当然是

better half 老婆

better luck next time 下次好运些吧

better than, be 比...多;多於

between my ribs and my back bone 肚子

beyond one's reach of 超出支付能力

beyond sb, be 使某人无法理解

big bluffer 吹牛者

bite one's head off 大发脾气

black and blue 遍体鳞伤

black sheep 不肖子女

blame sb for sth 为某事责备某人

bleed white 花光血汗钱

blind alley 死胡同;失败之路

blood in one's eye 极度愤怒

bloody fool (B.F.) 蠢材

blow hot and cold 喜怒无常

Blow it! 他妈的!

blow off steam 发脾气

blow one's own horn 自吹自擂

blow one's top 怒发冲冠

blow up 表现失常;吹风

body and breeches 完全

boil down to 归结起来是;其结果是

boiling point 爱情的沸点

bolt from the blue 晴天霹雳

bone up on 努力研读

born with a silver spoon in one's mouth 出生富贵

born yesterday 乳臭未乾

bottoms up 乾杯

Bottoms up! 乾杯!

brain storm 心血来潮

brand new 崭新的

break down 故障;毁坏

break in  合

break it off 吹了

break one's heart 使某人心碎

break one's neck 痛打一顿;拚命做某事

break the ice 打破僵局;打破沈默

break the routine 调剂一下

bred in the bone 天生的;个性的

bring back the good old days 回忆昔日好时光

bring down the house 掌声雷动

bring me up-to-date 告诉我最新消息

bring sb to date 使某人掌握最先进东西

brotherly impulse 激动手足的情分

brush off (男女之间)甩;撇开

brush up on sth 复习,重新学习

buck up 振作起来

bull dog 难以相处的人

burn a hole in one's pocket 花钱如流水

burn one's bridges behind one 不留後路

burn one's fingers 碰钉子

burn the midnight oil 熬夜读书

bury one's head in the sand 不敢面对现实

bury the hatchet 捐弃前嫌

Business is business. 公事公办

busy-body 好管闲事和多嘴的人

buy things on time 分期付款买东西

buy your story 相信你的话

buying bargains 买廉价货

by all means 务必

by and by 逐渐;慢慢地

by fair means or foul 不择手段

By golly! (By Gum!) 天呀!

by hook or by crook 不择手段

by the look of you 从你的样子看来

call back 再打电话

call it a day 今天到此为止

call it off 取消

call off 取消

call one names 用污秽语言骂人

call the shots 发号施令;管事

call up 打电话

calling at this early hour 一大早就打电话

Can you stop by? 你能来吗?

can't afford to have 买不起

can't be helped 避免不了

can't be wrong 错不了

can't get away with it 逃不掉

can't help it 爱莫能助

can't stand it any longer 再也无法忍受

Capital idea! 好主意!

carry coals to Newcastle 多此一举;徒劳无功

carry sth too far 做事超出限度

carry the torch 单相思

cast away 扔掉

cast down 沮丧

caste eyes at 注视;打主意

castle in the air 空中楼阁

catch on to 理解

catch one's breath 喘口气

catch up on sth 补上某事

catch up with 迎头 上

caught red-handed, be 犯罪活动的当场被抓住

chain smoker 菸瘾大的人

change hands 转手

change my opinion of you 我对你的看法改变一下

cheap joints 下流地方

check out 办清 开手续;借书;调查

check up on 校对

cheer up 振作;鼓励

chew the rag 唠叨不断

chip in 集资;捐款

clean sweep 全 

clean the house for sb 和某人算帐

clock watcher 盼望下班的人

close shave (close call) 千钧一发

coast is clear 没有危险了

coin a neat phrase 话说得很恰当

cold fish 冷酷无情的人

Columbus discovered America 陈年旧事

come about 发生

come across 偶然遇见

come along with 随同

come and get it 试试拿走它吧

come down with 病倒

come in 起作用;有份

come in handy 迟早有用

come into the world 出世

come off it 吹牛皮

come on 别这样

come on 来吧!(提醒、催促)

come on strong 非常积极的给人以好印象

come out right 事情进展顺利

come out with 说出

come right over 这就来了

come through 交出;成功

come to naught 成为泡影

come to terms 达成协定

come to the point 说话切题

come up with sth 想出某事

come what may 无论发生什麽事

contribute to sth 有助於

cook up a story 编出慌话骗人

cool off 冷却下来

cooling my heels waiting for her 翘首以待

crash the gate 不请自来的客人

crazy like a fox 装疯;装模作样

cross my heart 感发誓;不骗人

cross the bridge when one comes to it 既来之则安之

cross with, be 不高兴

cry quits 放弃;承认失败

cry wolf 狼来了;发出假警报

cup of tea 喜欢而又会做之事

cut corners 超近路;以简捷方式做事

cut down on 削减

cut it out 够了!算了

cut of the woods 脱 危险期

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