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魚戀秋波 Neil Y.K. :

I have no idea. 我简直一无所知.

I haven't got the foggiest. 我一点也摸不著头脑.

I know what I'm doing. 我知道该怎样做.

I like the way you have. 照你原来的样子就好了.

I lost you. 我不了解你的意思.

I love her something fierce. 我爱她爱得要命.

I may be psychic. 可能是第六感作用.

I mean what I say. 我说的是实话.

I must be in love. 我一定是在谈恋爱了.

I was behind my paper correcting. 把改卷子的事耽误了.

I was fooled by the terms. 我被这些名词搞糊涂了.

I was starved to death. 我饿死了.

I won't take no for an answer. 你非答应不可.

I would appreciate it. 我非常感谢.

I'd enjoy the company. 我很高兴有个伴.

I'll be right over. 我马上就来.

I'll be right with you. 我马上就来.

I'll bet... 我敢打赌

I'll give it to you strait. 我坦白对你说吧.

I'll go a couple of rounds with you. 我和你过几招.

I'll have him call you. 我会叫他打电话给你.

I'll heed your words. 我会考虑你的话.

I'll say. 英雄所见略同

I'll see to it. 我会留意这件事的.

I'll see you home. 我送你回家吧.

I'll take a chance. 我要试试看.

I'll take a raincheck on that. 迟些再谈吧.

I'll tell you what. 我有一个主意.

I'm afraid you got the wrong number. 恐怕你弄错了电话号码.

I'm all for it. 我全力支援.

I'm beat. 我很累

I'm completely in your hands. 由你作主.

I'm full. 我吃饱了.

I'm getting so big. (孕妇)我肚子越来越大了.

I'm hanged... 我保证没有...

I'm not broke. 我不是一个钱没有.

I'm not myself today. 今天我不太舒服.

I'm still in shock. 我还在兴奋.

I'm stuffed. 我吃得好饱.

I'm the suave type. 我是书生型的.

I've got to run. 我该走了.

I've thrown in my hat, can the body follow? 我可以进来吗?

I-love-me fellow 自命不凡的人

I.O.U 我欠你;借据 (I owe you)

if it's all right with you 如果你觉得方便的话...

immediate family 自己人

in a jam 遇到困难;事情搞得一团糟

in a jiffy 一会,马上

in a lousy mood 心情很坏

in a nutshell 总而言之

in a whole skin 平安地

in at one ear and out at the other 左耳入,右耳出

in charge of 负责管理

in due time 适时;终於

in fashion 流行

in for a treat, be 请欣赏...

in good condition 情况良好

in good shape 精神或身体状态好

in hot water 遇到麻烦

in line 排队

in no time 随时;立即

in one's line 专长

in short 简单地说

in short order 迅速地

in spite of oneself 不由自主

in that get up 穿那样的服装

in the dark 全然不知

in the eyes of sb 在某人的观点中

in the hole 遇到经济困难

in the long run 从长远来看;终究

in the offering 就在眼前

in the pen 被困在监狱里

in the pink 精神或身体状态好

in the roar 轰笑著

in the soap 遇到麻烦

in turn 进而

in(on) behalf of 代表

ineligible for, be 不被录取的

inferiority complex 自卑感

information bureau 万事通

innocent kid 清白无辜的人

inside dope 内幕消息

installment plan 分期付款

intensive course 精读课程

Is Frank in, please? Frank在家吗?

Is my face red? 问心有愧

Is that so? 是这样吗?

Is this seat taken? 这座位有没有人?

Isn't it ever? 我同意你的说法.

Isn't it though? 我同意你的说法.

Isn't my word good enough? 我的话你也信不过吗?

It cost me a small fortune. 花了一笔小钱.

It isn't cricket. 不公平;不合理

It makes me sick. 我受不了.

It never rains but it pours. 祸不单行

it pays to do sth 值得做某事

It sounds inviting. 听起来很吸引人.

It was your fault. 那是你的错.

It will be just the thing. 刚好合适.

It would really come in handy. 它实在方便.

It's a piece of cake. 真是小菜一碟

It's about time you start thinking ahead 你该想想做些什麽了.

It's been reserved. 这张桌子已经有人定了.

It's Greek to me. 对我犹如天书;我莫名其妙

it's high time 是...的时候了

It's nice you survived. 很高兴你还活著.

It's none of your business. 这不关你的事.

It's on me. 由我出钱

it's only to find out 只不过想打听一下

Jack of all trades 似乎什麽都懂的人

jolly dog(guy) 乐天派

jump on sb 向某人乱发脾气

jump the battery 充电

jumping the gun 迫不及待

just a minute 等一等;就来了;且慢

just as well 不如做某事也可

Just as you say. 好吧,随你的便

just follow suit 照办;跟进去

just for the fun of it 只不过好奇罢了

just the ticket, be 正是所需的

just too bad 太可惜;真糟糕

just what the doctor ordered 正合我的心意

keep a running account of 把教授在课堂讲的内容都记下来

keep a straight face 忍住不笑出来

keep an eye on 留意

keep an eye on sth 密切注意

keep body and soul together 继续活下去

keep company 陪伴

keep in touch with 联系

keep it to yourself 保密

keep it under your hat 保密

keep my fingers crossed 交叉手指,乞求某事成功

keep one's head 镇定

keep one's head above water 活下去

keep one's nose to the grand stone 孜孜工作

keep one's shirt on 不动手打架

keep pace with 保持同步

keep punching 继续努力

keep sb at arm's length 疏远;保持距离

keep track (of) 登记;记录

keep track of one's attendance 留意某人的出勤

keep track of time 记住时间

kick downstairs 被撤职

kick off 开始干某事

kick sb upstairs 明升暗降

kick the bucket 死了

kidding around 老开玩笑

kill time 消磨时间

kill time 消磨时间

kill two birds with one stone 一石二鸟

killing one 笑死某人;痛死某人

knock it off 别再讲下去了

Knock on wood. 说话禁忌,赶紧讨个吉利.

knock one flat 把某人打倒在地

knock oneself out 精疲力尽

knock their eyes out 漂亮得使他们目瞪口呆

关键字 : knock, track, right, 高兴, 马上就来, 遇到麻烦, 身体状态好, 精神, 消磨, 方便, 同意, 保密, would, water, stone, short, oneself, follow, company, Frank

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